The Brain Academia

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The Method

We developed an outcome oriented methodology aim at success.

Similar to a computer, the brain requires proper programming to operate at its best. Brain training accomplishes this by exercising cognitive skills, much like physical fitness does for the body. This involves engaging in various activities or games designed to maintain or enhance cognitive abilities. These activities can occur in different forms, such as interactive games, completing cognitive tasks according to a training schedule, or playing games that challenge visuospatial reasoning.

Brain training changes the physical structure of the brain. While once thought impossible, new research proves that intelligence can be improved because of what is called Neuroplasticity which defines the brain’s ability to grow and change in response to appropriate stimulation. 

to Academic Excellence:

Our SMARTWAVE cognitive program builds a strong base for your child’s cognitive growth, ensuring a more robust cognitive capacity.

Our journey continues with our Intellectual Thinking Ability Program which aims to refine and elevate the intellectual capacities of our students. 

Transition into the academic curriculum of our English and Math Academy where your child can further excel in subjects.

Academic Excellence is attained by mastering subjects with a stronger cognitive ability, empowering your chld to reach their full potential.


S Speed in Processing

Speed in handling simple mental tasks in a reasonable time frame

M Mindset Shaping

Mental attitude towards motivated improvement of self at school and in life

A Attention and Focus

Ability to filter out internal and external distractions by selecting only the information required for the task

R Reasoning with Logic

Ability to form concepts, logic and relationships with unfamiliar information

T Time and Rhythm

The rhythm in communicating and executing daily activities in a timely manner

W Working Memory

Ability to hold and retrieve information while performing a mental task

A Auditory Analysis

Ability to store, analyse and manipulate sounds crucial for reading and spelling

V Visual Processing

Ability to identify, discriminate and manipulate visual information

E Emotional Control

Modulation of stimuli and regulation of emotional state to remain calm and clear headed

The Brain Academia’s holistic cognitive training approach focuses on addressing 9 cognitive blocks (S.M.A.R.T.W.A.V.E) which serves as the foundation for brain fitness by increasing processing Speed, shaping Mindset, strengthening Attention, enhancing Reasoning, cultivating Time & rhythm, improving Working memory, reinforcing Auditory analysis, fortifying Visual processing, and managing Emotions. Integrated with our Intellectual Thinking Abilities Program (INTAP), students develop abstract thinking skills, enabling them to approach problems with creative solutions using memory, symbolic relationships, semantic connections, and critical assessment.


INTELLECTUAL Thinking Abilities

ACADEMIC Focus & Learning



Embedded within all our programs, the SMARTWAVE formula ensures that students can anticipate these advantages when engaging with academic content in school.