The Brain Academia

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The Method

We developed an outcome oriented methodology aim at success

Like any computer, the brain needs to be properly programmed to function at peak efficiency. That is what brain training does. It denotes a theorem that cognitive skills can be maintained or improved by exercising the brain, like what physical fitness does for the body. Cognitive training activities or games can take place in numerous modalities training, playing interactive games or completing cognitive tasks in alignment with a training regimen, playing games that require visuospatial reasoning.

Brain training changes the physical structure of the brain. While once thought impossible, new research proves that intelligence can be improved because of what is called Neuroplasticity which defines the brain’s ability to grow and change in response to appropriate stimulation. 

philosophy into today's education landscape we need to:

Find the Cognitive skills and Intellectual abilities needed for students to learn the basic school curriculum through our SMARTWAVE Formula.

Train students on any of their abilities that are less than adequate for learning.

Target low abilities at the beginning of the SMARTWAVE & INTAP programs.

Link everything back to Academic focus touching on subjects like Math, English and Reading in our English and Math Academy.


S Speed in processing

Speed in handling simple mental tasks in a reasonable time frame

M Mindset

Mental attitude towards motivated improvement of self at school and in life

A Attention and Focus

Ability to filter out internal and external distractions by selecting only the information required for the task

R Reasoning with Logic

Ability to form concepts, logic and relationships with unfamiliar information

T Time and Rhythm

The rhythm in communicating and executing daily activities in a timely manner

W Working Memory

Ability to hold and retrieve information while performing a mental task

A Auditory Analysis

Ability to store, analyse and manipulate sounds crucial for reading and spelling

V Visual Processing

Ability to identify, discriminate and manipulate visual information

E Emotional Control

Modulation of stimuli and regulation of emotional state to remain calm and clear headed

The Brain Academia’s whole-brain training methodology targets 9 cognitive blocks (S.M.A.R.T.W.A.V.E) that forms the brain fitness foundation through increasing processing Speed, shaping Mindset, strengthening Attention, enhancing Reasoning, cultivating Time & rhythm, improving Working memory, reinforcing Auditory analysis, fortifying Visual processing, and managing Emotions. Integrated with our Intellectual Thinking Abilities Program (INTAP), students can think at a higher level in an abstract way. It is being able to address a problem with a solution using memory, creative thinking, symbolic relationships, semantic connections to assess changes as they develop.


INTELLECTUAL Thinking Abilities

ACADEMIC Focus & Learning



From our SMARTWAVE formula, imprinted in all our programs, students can expect to reap these benefits when dealing with the academic content in school.