The Brain Academia

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Art of learning with cognitive skills for exam excellence

Age: 6 to 14yrs

Young learners at our center develop their foundational knowledge with a focus on honing fundamental cognitive skills necessary for managing exam components and building confidence in exploring new concepts, ideas, and skills. Our teachers adopt a hands-on, personalized, and holistic approach to learning, integrating our SMARTWAVE model with our INTAP program. Through this approach, we identify and address each student’s weaknesses in intellectual thinking abilities. We strive to maximiae the potential of every student by maintaining small class sizes, typically 6 students.

Junior Lower (7 to 9yrs)

Lower primary level is when young learners build on fundamental knowledge. We help our students hone foundational cognitive skills to manage exam components and build confidence to enjoy learning new concepts, ideas, and skills. Our teachers follow a hands on, personalized and holistic approach to learning using our SMARTWAVE model together with our INTA program where every student’s weakness in their intellectual thinking abilities are identified and addressed. We seek to maximise the full potential of each student by keeping our class size small (between 4 to 8 students).

Advanced Level

In preparation for tougher topics and concepts, our brain training curriculum increases in strength and intensity to further enhance the intellectual thinking abilities of every student. From the 4th to 6th month, 80% of our students find themselves processing faster, remembering better, evaluating smarter and exhibiting stronger logic.