The Brain Academia

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our programs

All of our programmes are crafted from evidence-based neuroscientific research and backed by proven pedagogical approaches in training to help students hone critical cognitive, manage academic components and to learn content smarter. We refresh our curriculum on a weekly basis to keep the lessons exciting, innovative, and targeted. Looking at recent exam formats and most current education landscape, our lessons are designed to help students discover  concepts, understand content, and connect the dots in application.

Smartwave toddler

Taking advantage of the most precious brain formation years, which is also called the golden years,

Smartwave kindie

At Kindie level, our academy believes in pacing the child before they “ACE” it in their respective primary schools.

Smartwave junior

At Junior level, we help our students hone foundational cognitive skills to manage exam components and build confidence to enjoy learning new concepts, ideas, and skills.

Smartwave scholar

At Scholar level, our program is custom-designed to include Intellectual skills-based modules, targeted practices, and executive functioning activities.

Math academy

Our Math Academy program not only helps students strengthen their foundation in mathematical concepts, but also cognitive skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving and spatial representation.

English academy

Our English Academy program uses evidence-based techniques to help build the imagery-language foundation required for reading and comprehension.

Reading academy

Our Reading Academy program focus on your child’s literacy challenges by integrating our knowledge in cognitive development and training.