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5 Activities That Can Improve Your Kid’s Communication Skills

Every child should learn how to communicate effectively. Children who have good communication skills can thrive in a variety of areas of their lives and form meaningful connections with others. Strong communication skills will also help children express themselves clearly, which can aid in boosting their confidence and reduce the risk of behavioural disorders developing.

Given the many reasons why communication skills are essential, the question lies – how do you see to it that your child acquires strong communication skills?

Well, here are 5 engaging activities that can improve your child’s communication abilities!

1. Reading aloud

One of the easiest ways to help your child develop communication skills is by encouraging them to read aloud. Reading aloud helps to develop a child’s pronunciation, understanding and knowledge of words and how to communicate effectively. It also helps improve their listening skills!

Set aside every day for your child to read aloud. Remember to pick books that are suitable for their age and reading ability. You may even make it more enjoyable but quizzing them about the narrative, characters and storyline.

2. Telephone game

Children of all ages can participate in this well-liked and entertaining activity, which helps build excellent listening skills. You may even gather other members of the family to make it a fun bonding activity!

Here’s how to play: Set up a circle of chairs so everyone can easily speak to one another. When everyone in the circle has had a turn, start with the first individual who will whisper a message into the ear of the player seated to the right, who then whispers it into his neighbour’s ears, and so on. The final participant reads aloud the message.

3. Charades

Your child can greatly enhance their speaking skills by playing games. Particularly, they can improve his or her abilities in speaking, listening, and critical thinking by playing games like charades.

In the game of charades, one participant acts out a word or phrase, and the other participants must determine what it is. Children will learn to communicate without using language by playing this game. This helps to strengthen their non-verbal communication and non-verbal reasoning skills. These non-verbal communication skills complement verbal communication, and will make your child a better communicator.

4. Writing

Writing exercises are an excellent method to help your child better their speaking skills. Writing helps children improve their language, spelling, grammar, and sentence construction. It also improves their creativity and critical thinking abilities.

Encourage your kid to write stories, notes, or journals every day. You can offer them a subject or prompt to write about, or let them choose their own. You can also provide comments on their work and help them better their language and sentence construction.

5. Speech and drama

Speech and drama is another way to help your child improve their communication skills whilst having fun! Speech and drama helps children develop their public speaking skills and learn how to organise their thoughts and speak effectively. Moreover, it also helps fosters their creativity and builds on their confidence. Learning to put themselves in the shoes of the character they are playing will also aid in the development of their social skills and empathy.


To sum up, communication skills are essential for a child’s overall development and success in various aspects of their lives. By getting your child involved in activities like reading aloud, the telephone game, charade, writing, and speech and drama, you can help them develop their communication skills and encourage creativity, boost their self-esteem, and more!

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