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No matter how old we get, our mental abilities (and even IQ!) are never “set in stone”. Because the brain is always adapting and building,our ability to think,remember and learn is never static-it can always be upgraded and improved!

Don’t “settle” for the brain you think you were born with. Whatever your age or situation, you really can experience the life-changing benefits of a faster, smarter brain.

Brain Academia’s Training programs speak for themselves. In fact, our students test higher in IQ – an average of 15 points higher! Much like a muscle, it can be strengthened, grown and improved. The changeable parts of the brain are called cognitive skills, and they are what make learning possible.

How does this translate into real life changes?


The ability to sustain, divide and select information.

Common Problems when this skill is weak: Easily distracted, Has trouble staying on task, Difficulty multitasking, Forget instructions, Makes careless errors repeatedly

Working Memory

The ability that lets us work with information without losing track of what we’re doing.

Common Problems when this skill is weak: Difficulty following instructions, Forgetfulness, Doing poorly on tests

Auditory Processing

The ability to discern sound codes, critical for listening or comprehension.

Common Problems when this skill is weak: Difficulty sounding out words, Reverse letters or words, Struggling with learning to read

Processing Speed

The speed of processing any given input task quickly and accurately.

Common Problems when this skill is weak: Slow completing a task, Find tasks more challenging

Visual processing

The ability to manipulate objects, pictures and images in space.

Common Problems when this skill is weak: Problems creating a mental picture, Trouble understanding what is read, Difficulties remembering what is just read, Difficulties doing word math problems, Difficulties following directions

Logic and Reasoning

The ability to reason, form ideas and solve problems.

Common Problems when this skill is weak: Unable to understand concepts, Problems handling a complicated task, Struggling with maths

1-on-1 Online Training

Price: $350 for 5 Sessions. Cognitive Test will be conducted in the 1st session.

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