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Parenting 101: Why Early Brain Training Is Vital In Children

Parenting 101 Why Early Brain Training Is Vital In Children

As many parents know, the early years of their little one’s life are very important for their future health and development. However, not all are aware of just how impactful this period can be in boosting their child’s cognitive skills. This is because the developmental years (or the first eight years of a child’s life) are a time of rapid growth for the brain, making it easier to learn, unlearn and relearn as needed. While the brain does continue to change and develop well into adulthood, these first eight years are the best time to build your little one’s foundation for future learning and, ultimately, their success.

Kids are born ready to learn and have many things to learn over the coming years. Besides proper nutrition during pregnancy, developing your child’s brain naturally requires them to experience the world and discover what it has in store. While it’s fine to let them do so at their pace, this approach tends to be rather slow and does not efficiently use the finite time of their developmental period. Therefore, many parents increasingly turn to cognitive brain training in Singapore to supercharge their child’s cognitive growth.

What is Brain Training All About?

Brain training is a strategic mental training process that entails knowing, learning, and perceiving concepts through a personalised program with specific action plans that meet developmental goals. This process prompts changes to the brain’s physical structure and promotes its ability to grow and change when faced with appropriate stimulation.

Brain training works the underlying skills of the mind necessary for optimal functioning. As mentioned above, the brain experiences the biggest gains in learning ability during the developmental years. Hence, exposing it to structured training makes the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime window of opportunity for rapid cognitive growth.

The Advantages of Early Brain Training For Your Child

1. Enhances creativity and innovation
Brain training helps your child develop a knack for thinking outside of the box by fostering their creative thinking skills. It encourages them to be innovative and more self-expressive since creativity supports cognitive growth through problem-solving.

2. Boosts speech and language skills
Developing a child’s language skills is a comprehensive process that begins well before birth and accelerates in their first five years. Brain training taps into their unpolished language skills and fosters their development through specific curriculums.

3. Better problem-solving capabilities
Good problem-solving skills are a must-have for today’s challenging landscape, where kids can be faced with multiple obstacles a day. By training their cognitive abilities, such as forming reasoning and logic, your child can avoid having “thought” problems or difficulties with subjects like math and science.

4. Sharpens memory
Some children are comparatively less adept at learning and remembering new information mainly because their capacity is not fully utilised. Brain training helps develop the proper skills to extend their short-term and long-term memories and reach
their full potential.


Every parent wants the best for their child and wishes for nothing but success in their life. Of course, achieving that requires providing them with plenty of love and support and developing their mental capacity to its fullest potential. By investing in brain training for your little one as early as possible, you can give them a huge head start that lets them achieve extraordinary performance at school, work, and in daily life.

Interested in getting started with your child’s brain training today? Reach out to us here at The Brain Academia and let us begin optimising your child’s cognitive abilities. No matter if you are looking for a reading, English or Math enrichment program in Singapore, we have a range of programs that are designed to address the specific needs of your child. Through fun and engaging activities that still incorporate many elements of brain training, we will be able to help your child develop their fundamental skills and stretch their mind to the fullest potential. Simply fill out this contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.