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Cognitive Weaknesses
In Primary- Schoolers​

Cognitive Weaknesses In Primary- Schoolers

Young students are always filled with an enthusiasm for learning. However, undetected cognitive skills weaknessese hiding beneath that enthusiasm is waiting to rob them of their joy of learning. We can help detect and fix that.

Cognitive abilities are brain-based skills we need to carry out any task from the SIMPLEST to the MOST COMPLEX. They have more to do with the mechanisms of how we learn, remember, problem-solve, and pay attention, rather than with any actual knowledge

What do you notice about these words?

There are 100+ Cognitive Skills
e.g. Visual Discrimination

Visual Discrimination:
To be observant and careful with details
How it applies (in life + in school):
  • read more carefully (exams, documents)
  • less careless mistakes (writing, emails)
  • see details well (when making decisions)

Our Intervention Process