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4 Activities To Fuel Your Child’s Brain Development At Home

4 Activities To Fuel Your Child’s Brain Development At Home

The early years of a child’s life are very crucial for their health and development. At this point, children are only starting to develop their capabilities. To help their children hone their cognitive and mental abilities, modern parents often find new and advanced ways for charting the swifter course of development and learning.

For instance, many parents sign their children up for a cognitive brain training in Singapore to make it easier for their precious little ones to unlock their abilities and skills. However, while cognitive training programs are effective, parents can also successfully fuel their children’s brain development even further while at home. Read on to find out 4 of the most fun activities you can do with your little one at home to stimulate their brain development.

1. Painting and scribbling

Painting and scribbling are simple activities that can have great effects on your child’s healthy brain development. When children paint or scribble using pencils and crayons, they are not just learning tools to kickstart their creative journey but are also building their hand-eye coordination and small-muscle skills.

Painting particularly trains their eyes for colour and helps their brain understand how colour or ink imprints on paper. Scribbling, on the other hand, allow them to guess fairly what would happen next if they try to wiggle the pencil too fast or to learn what is the best way to write neatly. Basically, painting and scribbling can facilitate your child’s creative learning process!

2. Storytelling

Children love to hear stories. Storytelling is a great way for children to improve their language skills, refine their memory, and boost their imaginative, creative, and cognitive skills. Aside from this, storytelling is also a fun and interactive activity that promotes your child’s enthusiasm for writing, reading, and learning.

If you want your child to improve their language, cognitive, and creative skills, you should read aloud books to them as a form of bonding. You can show your child illustrations from the story to further spark their interest and engagement. For instance, if there is a dog in the story and at home, identify them with your little one. By looking at illustrations and listening to words, your child can connect the story that sets off their thinking process.

3. Playing with clay and rocks

Playing with clay and rocks is fun and beneficial for as long as you provide a germ-free mud or clay environment for your child. Playing with these tools can essentially open an great door of learning opportunities for your child. A safe natural world is an entire learning avenue in itself. When left to explore the elements by themselves, especially clay and rocks, your child can develop a good understanding of the natural world and boost their creativity through creating shapes and patterns out of the elements.

4. Counting and recognising numbers

Aside from hearing stories, children also love counting and recognising numbers. Counting gives children stronger foundations in Mathematics when they begin school. Teaching your child how to count involves not just helping them learn the numbers one to ten but also aids in their understanding of the meaning of numbers. You can make counting more fun with your child by doing creative things like bringing pencils or chocolates on the table and allowing your child to count one by one. Or consider enrolling in The Brain Academia’s Math Enrichment program in Singapore!


Learning can indeed be done everywhere, even at home. The activities mentioned in this article are only some of the exciting and engaging activities you can do with your child at home to stimulate their brain development and function. A great blend of all these activities will surely make your little one more interested and passionate about learning and building their abilities! The benefits of learning through play for kids are endless!

To further help your child develop and enhance their cognitive abilities, you should consider signing them up for brain training with The Brain Academia. No matter if you are looking for an English, Math or reading enrichment program, we offer fun and effective cognitive training programs that will surely improve your child’s learning and social skills and unleash their fullest potential. For more information on how we can assist your child’s learning development, simply get in touch with us by filling up the contact form on our page!